March 19, 2018

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Bogner: A Brand Steeped in Skiing History

If you've been on the ski slopes in the last eight decades, chances are you've seen a piece of Bogner apparel. However, a lot of people don't know that the history of Bogner is immersed in ski history.  View full article →
October 25, 2017


Award Winning Brand, Erin Snow, Now at The Startingate!

The Startingate is excited to announce that we're now carrying Erin Snow in store and online! Erin Snow is at the forefront of sustainability in ski clothes and one of the first companies to use stretch fabrics with boiled wool. Warm and eco-friendly! Click the link below to read more about the brand and the award they won at the CFDA + Lexus Fashion Initiative View full article →
December 18, 2015


Welcome to the NEW Startingate Website!

Big things are happening at the store as well as online and we are very proud to introduce our new online store! Now it’s easier than ever to find the unique brands you love and great deals on clothing and hardware. For the first time ever we are offering hard goods as well as clothing online and you can be sure that you’re getting that same expert advice here that you do in the shop.

Welcome to the new Startingate Website

We are now on our second generation of skiers! The Startingate has been in operation for 36 years by Dede and Gary Longley and is now run by their children, Chance and Bond Longley. Don’t worry though, Gary is still around for boot fits! For those who don’t know the family, Gary is an ex-freestyle pro while both Chance and Bond are retired NCAA collegiate racers, so you can be sure you’re getting the best gear to keep you on the mountain!

The Startingate New Online Store

At The Startingate we love skiing! And we want you to love it too. We hand picked all of our merchandise to assure that you are happy and comfortable so you can spend more time on the hill and less time in the store tinkering with equipment. Our years of freestyle, racing and freeride skiing around the world has given us a unique perspective on gear and goods so you can rest assure that we will have you on the hill looking and feeling great! So stop by anytime! As long as the lifts are turning, we will be open from 8am to 6pm!

November 18, 2015


This is NOT your Mama’s Ski Parka

The evolution of ski clothing is here! We worked hard to find you the best possible clothing brands to not only keep you comfortable, but have you looking great. You no longer need to be bulky to be warm! With brands like Kjus and Mountain Force, the same technology is going into your clothing that is going into the making of your skis. Take for instance the Mountain Force Sonette Jacket! On the outside it looks like a regular ski jacket, but on the inside it is lined with premium goose down so you get the warmth of down, but with the look of a regular city jacket! Not to mention four-way stretch and a ceramic backing in the fabric that creates better heat retention, but also maximizes breathability. Pair it with their Rider pant and you will be looking and feeling great all day, no matter the conditions!

This is NOT your Mama’s Ski Parka

You can find looks like this and many more in store or online! If you have any questions about fit or fabrics, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer any questions. Call us toll free at (877) 297-1213 or shoot us an email at !

October 29, 2015


The Days of Frozen Fingers and Toes are Gone!

As an ex-racer I can attest to how brutal it is being on top of a windy ski course in -20 degree weather in your vacuum tight ski boots while waiting to take your run. Back in the day there was nothing you could do but jump around and, for the lack of a better term, suck it up. Today racers and freeriders alike don’t have to worry about this because of the invention of lithium battery powered heated elements. The heated glove has been around for a while by Hestra, but now there is the Lenz heated socks, vests, gloves and boot bags!

The Days of Frozen Fingers and Toes are Gone

All of these elements are lithium battery powered so they are rechargeable and can be operated via bluetooth on your phone! Last winter I judged the Subaru Freeride series in negative weather and I was the only one on the side of the hill not complaining. If only I had these socks when I was a racer! They actually work and for those dedicated skiers it keeps you on the hill when everyone else is too cold to be outside. That means more open lanes and fresh tracks for you!

The vests are especially great for racers because they are paper thin and can fit under any speed suit. It keeps your muscles warm so you’re not only more comfortable, but you will perform better too! We offer all of these elements by Lenz as well as the heated gloves and mittens by Hestra. Now online and in store!