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Postcard Ladies City Coat Classic


Water Repellent City Coat Filled with Ultra Warm Primaloft. Until you try this coat on, you can only imagine from afar what the ultimate piece of outerwear can be. Once you get it on your person, you will be transformed to a place where the elements are tamed and the winter streets are conquered. The magic is its combination of utility, beauty and slenderness. It has a water repellant shell. The hardware is beautiful swiss made. The pockets are plentiful and ideally placed. And, most importantly, the city coat is lined with man-made Primaloft; an ultra-thin material that traps the heat that originates in your body. It is as warm as down yet, unlike it fine feathered friend,it doesn't add even an inch to your appearance. The There's a hidden rain hood in the collar. The stand up knit collar warms the face and neck in ways that scarves can't achieve. And it sits away from the neck and face if you want it to. Hand warmers in each sleeve keep the cold air where it belongs. Double zip for sitting ease. The size 6 is 36 inches in length. Each size is 1 inch longer or shorter respectively.

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