Phenix Norway Alpine Team Jacket 2020


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The Norway Alpine Team Jacket is a favorite among our race clientele. Designed for the Norway Alpine National Ski Team in the signature Silver color, but reproduced for racers around the world. This jacket is both warm and light weight without sacrificing any of the durability racers need while smashing gates. The signature Silver color is adorned with the Norwegian national team patches. 

Complete the look with the matching Phenix Norway Alpine Ski Team Pant and the Phenix Norway Alpine Team Insulator

Material & Functions

    • PrimaLoft®


      PrimaLoft® insulation is an integral component in products that provide warmth and comfort from head to toe, and is warmer, drier, softer and more compressible than all other insulations.

    • 4-way Stretch

      4-way Stretch

      Stretch for Maximum Mobility and Superior Silhouette
      We introduce the 4-way Stretch fabric, which enhances higher mobility and flexibility for your better performance. This 4-way Stretch fabric allows us to provide you collections with superior silhouette and maximum mobility. We're sure that you would enjoy this new special garment on the slope.

    • 3-D Air Cutting

      3-D Air Cutting

      By analysis, we realize that the new 3-D cutting technique well matches the modern ski style. Generally, most of the pressure of wear goes to your shoulder where you start feeling tired as soon as you put on any heavy gear. Thanks to this new cutting technique, about 85% Clothing Pressure of the wear exerted to the shoulders can efficiently be reduced so as to make you feel the way the wear is floating in the air instead of putting on you. You may even forget you actually are wearing it. Clothing Pressure Average(unit:gfcm2)/3-D AIR CUTTING:0.41 / Regular Cutting: 3.26 Source: TOKYO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE

    • Ergonomic Design

      Ergonomic Design

      Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix's ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.

  • Seamless Laser Cutting

    Seamless Laser Cutting

    Use of this state of the art technology, Phenix is able to offer a highly sophisticated and innovative precision cut. The laser cut results in a sealed edge free from any loose fibers. Delivering a high intensity focused laser spot produces a localized heat effectively welding predefined garment areas.

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