The Days of Frozen Fingers and Toes are Gone!

As an ex-racer I can attest to how brutal it is being on top of a windy ski course in -20 degree weather in your vacuum tight ski boots while waiting to take your run. Back in the day there was nothing you could do but jump around and, for the lack of a better term, suck it up. Today racers and freeriders alike don’t have to worry about this because of the invention of lithium battery powered heated elements. The heated glove has been around for a while by Hestra, but now there is the Lenz heated socks, vests, gloves and boot bags!

The Days of Frozen Fingers and Toes are Gone

All of these elements are lithium battery powered so they are rechargeable and can be operated via bluetooth on your phone! Last winter I judged the Subaru Freeride series in negative weather and I was the only one on the side of the hill not complaining. If only I had these socks when I was a racer! They actually work and for those dedicated skiers it keeps you on the hill when everyone else is too cold to be outside. That means more open lanes and fresh tracks for you!

The vests are especially great for racers because they are paper thin and can fit under any speed suit. It keeps your muscles warm so you’re not only more comfortable, but you will perform better too! We offer all of these elements by Lenz as well as the heated gloves and mittens by Hestra. Now online and in store!

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